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I’ve Joined A Group on Flickr – 365 Tweeters

A few days ago, I joined a group on Flickr (a photo hosting website) called 365 Tweeters.  It’s a really fun project that was started by some folks on Twitter.com.  The whole idea of the group is for a bunch of folks form Twitter to get together and do a daily photo diary every day for a year (hence the 365 in the title). Every day, we go out, take photos of the local area or other things that interest us and post them to this group for everyone to see.

If you are interested in seeing how my photo journal progresses, you can follow along here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13316415@N05/sets/72157606363931154/ 

If you are interested in watching how the whole group unfolds, you can follow us here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/365tweeters/

I am hoping to provide you with a great photographic overview of Louisville and Oldham County (and maybe some of the outlying areas) over the next 365 days!  I hope you’ll follow along!  If you have any ideas of photos you would like to see – I’m sure by about day 100 I’m going to be looking for ideas – send ’em my way!


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