How was your first day of school?

Today was the first day of school for Oldham County Schools, and we had a great first day (so far!).  The PTA arranged to have a safari theme set up for the kids to walk through. We had plants donated by LaGrange Florist, animals, balloons, and some awesome volunteers there to help us greet the children as they arrived at their brand new school this morning.  Each child received a Locust Grove Elementary School book mark to “mark” the occassion, and WLKY Channel 32 News was there too! 

In addition to the opening day safari, we were also able to provide each classroom with a bag of balls, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and frisbes (courtesy of Cash Express).  We wanted to give the kids a little something extra on the first day since there is no play ground yet, and the gym isn’t ready.

As the PTA VP of Programs, thanks so much to my Opening Day Volunteers.  You guys did a fantastic job coordinating the Opening Day events. The school looked great this morning!


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