How about that Earthquake, Kentucky?

OK, so the earthquake was actually centered in southern Illinois.  I don’t know about you, but I felt it quite well in my little LaGrange, KY home.  My husband and I woke up to a shaking house and a bed that felt like we had just dropped a quarter into one of those old (and a little questionable) hotel beds! 

Now, if you are from out west where earthquakes are common – you have to remember that like a foot of snow in the winter, earthquakes just don’t happen all that frequently here in the midwest (they probably happen just as frequently as a foot of snow!).  People here get a little nervous when things out of the “norm” tend to occur.

Anyway, in the spirit of education, here is a link to the American Red Cross site on Earthquake preparedness. I use to be a girl scout, so you know, you can never be too prepared! 🙂 

Another thing to take into consideration is earthquake insurance on your home.  Since we Kentuckian’s do live near the New Madrid fault line, it is a very good idea to have this coverage on your home.  I believe it is offered as a rider to your regular home owners insurance (home insurance providers feel free to chime in or correct me!).  Yeah, I know, we haven’t had an earthquake that rocked our world in quite some time, and the New Madrid fault line hasn’t produced a massive quake since 1811.  However, some experts do believe that we could see one in our life time, so it can’t hurt to be prepared.

Kelly McDonald, Realtor®
Semonin Realtors


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